You are unique! That’s why you choose Faith jewelry or a Faith bag that fits perfect with your outfit, style, daily mood or personality.

All items are made with love and a lot of dedication especially for you. It doesn’t matter how you wear your Faith, as long as you feel comfortable wearing it. I hope it gives you pleasure, power and confidence. Combined with a smile you can rule the world.

But if you need some inspiration I have the solution! You can find 5 pages with some inspiration how to wear your Faith.  In the menu you’ll see the page INSPIRATION, click on it to find the pages with On Ibiza Clouds, Ibiza Luxe, Ibiza Boho Girl, Nica Rodriguez and Dama Ibiza.

Pictures are shot on dreamy locations and they all have their own unique style and signature. I really love to see how Faith is combined in so many ways!

Ibiza Boho Girl is wearing a Faith necklace, combined with a stunning poncho.

Dance with On Ibiza Clouds to spring… She’s wearing Faith necklaces and bracelets.

See how you can wear your summer Faith necklaces as a fresh touch for winter clothes.
Picture Ibiza Luxe.






Green and blue are made for each other. I love this picture made by Ibiza Luxe.

Dama Ibiza is wearing a dress perfect combined with boots and some black Faith bracelets.

Nica loves to mix different styles. A leather skirt, sweater and Faith necklaces.