Why Faith?

The world is changing, news from the other side of the world is here in a split second.
Sometimes it’s about good things, but most of the time it’s sad news about a war, people in pain or those who are hurt.

That changes us as well and it made me realize even more that we need to enjoy life.

What makes me happy?
The smell of coffee, fresh baked bread, blossom, or just cut grass.

The sun, shining from behind a big grey cloud that warms your body, a giggling child, or a friendly stranger saying ‘Hi!’.
Walking barefoot in the sand, the sound of the waves, a fresh bed with linen dried in the wind, first green leaves in spring, beachwalks in winter, sitting by the fire, reading cookbooks around dinner time, harvest in our veggie garden and listening to a song with great memories…

Small things that influence your day in a positive way. If you have an open mind for these things, you’ll see them every day! But sometimes you are so absorbed in your daily life, you don’t see them anymore. And even though you don’t notice these small things, they’re still around you. You just have to become aware of it again.
That’s why I named the brand Faith.

Have faith, follow your heart, dare to dream, believe in yourself, enjoy life and don’t forget to laugh!

Everybody has moments in life with troubles, pain or sorrow. The jewelry of Faith cannot change your life, but you can!
I hope you will look at your Faith jewelry at those moments and think about the above…

Nathalie xx


Update August 2020:

The above was written in a split second, 5 years ago. I still support every word I wrote at that time. But the world changed enormously this year…

Due to COVID-19 our lives have been affected in so many ways. I’m wishing all of you strenght if you lost a loved one due to the virus. But also if this has or still is affecting you in any other way, economical, psychical, personal or influences your health and well being.

Take care, stay safe and keep enjoying those small things that gives you instant happiness! 🖤